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      What sizes are your stickers?

      Typically, we're aiming for a sticker that is ~3" at the longest edge, although we have plans to make smaller, mini-sticker sheets.

      When do you plan to get more stickers in stock?

      Our goal is to never leave you waiting for stickers to come in!  We want to ensure we have a full stock of your favorites! 

      That being said, there will be times when we don't have them available.  We do have a feature on our website to notify you by email when we have sticker restocked!  Just click the sticker that's "sold out" and select the "Email When Available" button located right under the Sold Out button.

      Alternatively, we'll always answer DMs and emails if you have additional questions!

      How often are you releasing new stickers?

      We're aiming to have new designs come out every two weeks.  

      What social media platforms are you on?

      We're on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok!  

      What's the best way to dispose of stickers?

      We contacted our production company and they said the following "Our stickers, including the paper liners, aren't recyclable as paper material.  We suggest to check with local recycle centers for options with recycling vinyl.  Some centers will re-purpose and recycle vinyl, but it's not always accepted by municipal recycling programs."

      I'm a retailer, do you provide wholesale?

      We'd definitely be interested to see if our stickers are a fit for your shop!  Please feel free to visit our wholesale page for more information.