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      Our Mission

      Our sticker company, Soshl Tags, was founded in March 2020 out of our love for stickers.  First thing you're probably wondering is, what kind of name is that, what does that even mean and how do you say it?  Coming up with a name for the company was a lot harder than we thought.  It seemed like all the good names were taken but we landed on a play of the word "social", intending that our stickers are meant to strike up fun conversations (and hopefully great comments) from our products.  

      Our number one mission as a company is to ensure that you're happy.  Anything within our power, we will do our best to go above and beyond.  If what we do and what we provide isn't making you happy, email us at to chat.  We want to do our best to make it better. 

      Located in Canada, we're aiming to provide the type of joy and delight with each sticker we produce.  We hope that you enjoy our stickers as much as we do!

      The Early Days & Evolving

      Surprisingly, within weeks of opening up shop, we made some significant changes to our shop.  Initially, we were aiming for a print-on-demand service, one that you print as stickers are ordered.  As you can probably guess, we were very unhappy with the quality that we received and incredibly long shipping times (this is even pre-covid!).  Of course, seeing what our customers would get didn't make us very happy, so we opted for a top sticker manufacturer and haven't looked back!

      Our first designs we ever produced were the hedgehog and kawaii bear keychain.  We were so happy with the quality and durability of the stickers.  Working with an amazing graphic designer, he has brought our ideas to reality.  

      It's been a fun journey but it's only the beginning.