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      Hey there!

      My name is Michael, founder of Soshl Tags and welcome to our site all about bringing more happiness to you through stickers!

      When we started this venture in March 2020, we had a simple goal: to create something that would bring a smile to people's faces, whether it was for a second, or for their whole day. We knew that the world could use more of that—more joy, more delight—so we got to work with our team of incredibly talented designers and innovators.

      Our mission is simple: to keep creating stickers that make people happy and put a smile on their faces. We know they're going to make your day, because they make ours!

      We love hearing all the great ideas that you all have on the different designs (or maybe even future products) that you'd love for us to create.  While we might be able to fulfill each request we get, we'll do our best to accommodate!

      Thank you for being here and for being you! =)