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      30% off sale this Saturday only!

      It'll be a cat-stravaganza!  This Saturday only, only on our cat stickers, you'll recieve an automatic 30% off!  

      Which stickers do you prefer, the Ragdoll, the Exotic or the American Shorthair?

      Increasing Brand Reach


      Happy Thursday to you and your loved ones!  I hope you're having a great day and staying safe.

      I've been thinking long and hard on how to expand my reach (without ads, at the moment).  I'm pretty sure I've written about this in the past and way too lazy to go back and see what I wrote.  Here are some new avenues though, below.

      Pinterest: I've literally just signed up for Pinterest and integrated my shop with them.  Now my catalog is shoppable and searchable on that platform, let's see how well it does.  I've also started to provide my own social media content on there through

      Etsy: So far, two sales via Etsy.  Again, it's a different platform and interesting to try out.  Any money I've made on it has been now reinvested into listing (27 cents per post) new products on that platform.  

      IG Reels: I'm going to start doing more Instagram Reels, a new feature that is obviously a copy of tiktok.  It looks like that video will be more prevalent, so I'll have to start thinking more about how to make video content for TikTok / IG / Pinterest. 

      New Stickers - Tri-Colored Corgi & Lovebirds


      While we're still expanding our brand, we're introducing a few new stickers to the family today!  While we're still growing and improving our sticker designs, we're going to be doing our best to continually release stickers every two weeks.  This week, we have a tri-colored corgi and lovebird stickers!  

      Take a peek at these latest stickers of ours!

      Tri-Colored Corgi Lovebird



      The latest happenings...

      Hi everybody out there!

      I'm honestly believing that nobody is reading this part of my website and that's totally cool with me!  It gives me a great opportunity to just say things on my mind, write things down so I can always refer back to them in the future.

      Today, I signed up for, a platform which is used for scheduling and hashtag generation.  While it's a paid service, I'm trialing a month to see if I like it or if it will help grow my brand.

      What services have you used in the past?

      On another exciting note, we're ready to get some really fun animal stickers (which seem to be the most popular) into the shop!  Dogs, cats, caterpilars... they're all here this week!

      TikTok Thoughts And Business Stuff?


      In a couple of blog posts ago, I mentioned how I'm mulling over TikTok but I stumbled upon a great way to promote your small business!  There is a hashtag called #smallbusinesssunday in which some accounts will be looking for products, specifically from small businesses that they want to review!

      I've reached out & commented on their videos, so it's a wait to see if anything happens!

      Exciting to see where this path leads us next! 

      On another note, in relation to the business aspects of things, I met with an accountant regarding all things taxation related.  He mentioned that things in general are pretty simple, money in and money out. 

      I guess that's simple although I'll have to ask a couple of questions regarding fees / sending out free product.  Guess I'll make that list... someday.

      Have a great weekend!